Wild Cowboy for iPhone

wild cowboy

Wild Cowboy iPhone Game

Set lose your inner cowboy and get trigger happy with The Wild Cowboy.

Picture yourself as a traveler on the wild-wild west. After a long journey, your thirst leads you to a small rogue town. Go on and step into the bar and find yourself in the middle of a drunken bar-fight. Protect yourself from the barrels and other things flying your way, but be careful! If you missed them, they’ll knock your head out and straight to prison the Sheriff will take you.

The iPhone game is our first game to have a storyline that has a related sequel. Fat Cowboy, a character in another of our iPhone game that has been launched on the same day as Wild Cowboy is set to be his long time shooting rival and another game will be developed in the future to continue the story of their rivalry.


Wild Cowboy features:

  • Optimized for Retina Display
  • “Game-watch” buttons to appear just like classic game
  • Tweet your last scores to compare with your friends’
  • Works for iOS 4.0 and the later versions.
  • Universal App supports for iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Plenty of levels and difficulty modes to play

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How To Play Wild Cowboy

  • Use the buttons to direct which way the cowboy shoots
  • Shoot the barrels before they touch the floor.
  • The gun has 6 rounds of bullet, reload by tapping the cowboy
  • You will lose 1 life for each barrel you missed, missed 3 will lead you to jail
  • Sometimes there’s a sheriff badge that will come flying by. Shoot it to gain extra life

Best iPhone Game Tips

  • Wait for the barrels to be at a certain heights to shoot them at one go
  • Stay calm and do not spam your shots
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[ Download Wild Cowboy Here ]


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